What-Decade-Is-Your-Style4Photo Credit: Listal.com, Corbis, Glamradar.com, Richard Avedon

Like, oh my god. You love to bang your head to Twisted Sister and you know “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by heart. Figuring out a Rubix Cube is no big deal, you have had practice while watching hours of M.A.S.H and The Price Is Right. You look to Madonna and Debbie Harry for their rad style.

1980s Valley Girl, here is your style guide!



A true '80s child loves a good pair of jeans. To channel your inner Brooke Shields, sport a high waisted peg leg (1). To make the look modern, wear a loose button up or blouse. Pair the outfit with bright neon tennis (3) like you’re on Dance Party USA.   


If it’s not a statement piece, then you’re not wearing it. A pair of glittery, neon geometric posts (5) is perfect for any occasion.


When it comes to makeup, it’s all about bright hues. For a retro meets modern look, pair an acid green eyeliner (2) with a clear glossy lip.


Just like in the '80s, the bigger the hair, the better. Unlike then, stay away from the big cans of aerosol hairspray and use an all natural hair product (4).

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