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Music is your soul. Whether it’s the sounds of Nirvana or the poppy tunes of Britney Spears, you have heard every song of the decade. When not watching reruns of Blossom on your DVR, you’re out finding cool '90s wares that look straight out of Gwen Stefani’s closet.

1990s Alt Goddess, here is your style guide!




Your style is daring and fun, just like the 1990s. Channel that fun with a crop top (1) in one of the most popular prints of the decade, stripes.


Get in the '90s mood with a tattoo choker necklace (5). Special touches like pearls and jewels add a contemporary feel that will have people saying anything but as if.

As a '90s lover, you’re not afraid to bring back the decade’s trends, even Birkenstocks (3).


Scrunchies are back, and you’re ready to rock them. Throwback with big silk variations (2) in fun colors.


Accentuate your grill with the '90s classic, lip liner (1). In order to not look like a Baywatch wannabe, choose a liner a shade darker than your lipstick. For true '90s style, choose a color in dark eggplant or wine. 

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