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As an early 2000s Fly Honey, you know how to be a serious fan. Whether it be a book series, film about that book series or a music soundtrack from the film, you’re all about it. You may have even written a blog post about it or mentioned it on your social media accounts. When not embracing fandom, you look to celebrities like Kate Moss for style inspiration. You’re not afraid to rock anything, wearing the latest trend is a part of your life.

Fly Honey, Here is Your Fashion Guide:



A true Fly Honey has a track suit (1), it wouldn’t be the early aughties without it. Although having words spread across your bum is no longer in vogue (thank god) a well-fitting track suit is still tight.

When a Fly Honey has to get that money, go with gaucho pants (3). The trend has come back, but is now known as crop trousers. Pair it with a sleeveless top and a pair of pointy toe shoes.


Just like your early aughts idol, Carrie Bradshaw, a Fly Honey needs a nameplate necklace (5). Go classic with a gold, cursive lettering that would make Ms. Bradshaw jealous.


Gossip Girl was a big deal for you; you still haven’t been able to get over the utter fabulousness of Blair and her awesome headwear. Sport this passion with a statement making headband (4).


Shiny glossy lips are your neutral. Invest in a shiny and colorful collection (2) so that your lip gloss is always poppin'.

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