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How to be a better parentTips for Better Parenting

There are no set rules when it comes to good parenting.  Many of us know that much of the adventure is figuring parenting out along the way as our children grow up with their different personalities and traits.  What works for one child may not necessarily work for another.  And what works for one parent may not work for another when it comes to parenting styles.  But there are some ways to make the experience more rewarding for both you and your child along the way, paving a smooth transition for them into adulthood. 

What Is Good Parenting

  • Focus on building a good self-esteem. Always look for ways to build your child up, no matter how little the accomplishment.  Pay attention to the words that come out of your mouth.  Words can either build up or tear down!  Words can be uplifting or can hurt and stay in our memories.  Our optimistic attitudes and actions are always being watched by our children and will furthermore be modeled by them.
  • Celebrate good behavior. It is too easy to be negative and catch them doing wrong in our eyes.  When they do something right, give them praise!  They will be motivated to continue doing the right thing and their self esteem will grow even more.  Don't be afraid to reward them well when they are good.  But compliments, hugs and your love may just be reward enough!
  • how-to-be-a-parentBe consistent with discipline while parenting. This is the hardest part of being a parent.  Maybe we're tired, worn out and our child is pushing the limits.  But consistent discipline teaches them there are rules and helps shape their wills.  Effective discipline helps the child to learn self control and seek out good behaviors.You may have to repeat the rules over and over again until your child understands that you are serious.  It is always good to have a plan in place when they break the rules.  Find out what their "hot button" or "burn" is and perhaps take it away or decide about "time-outs."  Never discipline in anger; that is why having a plan in place is important.  If we yell at our children we teach them to yell.  If we shame our children they will be discouraged.
  • Spend good, quality time with your children. In our busy world it can be difficult to do this!  For many of us it is all we can do to merely provide for them.  But building time into your children's will strengthen the bond you have and help them feel self worth.  They will feel more secure and confident in feeling loved by you.  Pick a time every day where you can provide them undivided attention.  Read a book together or leave a positive note in their lunch box.  Participate in their field trips and class parties if you can make it work. 
  • Model good behavior. Love them unconditionally!  Actions speak louder than words and your children are watching you more than you think.  Many times we can tell exactly how we are perceived by their behavior.  Follow through on promises and model respect, unconditional love, patience and tolerance.  This is of course, easier said than done at times!  But our children are watching how we handle life's struggles, whether it be conflict resolution, grief, or excitement .  Make sure you say "please" and "thank you."  And treat them the way you would want to be treated.


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