Many of us dream about it: being a fashion or photo model. Yet, actually realizing that dream is not easy. In this video, our Andrea Metcalf interviews Maggie Romano, a successful, professional model. Romano discusses how she became a model and gives advice on how to get started as a model, along with tips on staying successful as a model.

We hear stories of models becoming too thin or too heavy. We also hear stories of aspiring models who compromise their morals in order to get the work. This is what Maggie Romano has to say about becoming a model and staying successful.

How to Get Modeling Work

When asked how she began, Romano says that it simply started with an aspiring-photographer-friend of hers that used her to practice taking pictures. Both liked the results, and Romano networked with model friends of hers, passing along the photos. The rest is history.

Tips for Modeling

  • Practice by looking in the mirror as to how you look as you pose. Your photos will look better.
  • Make sure you work with reputable people and companies.
  • Be confident and stay classy, always. Keep your reputation one of integrity.
  • Romano, who is also a physician's assistant has the degree and the smarts that make up the whole package. Her plan is to continue in her medical career and still model.

Andrea Metcalf points out that being a model can be a hurdle and hard work, but education is very important. When you think about it, looks eventually fade. But it's the power of education that rounds out the whole woman.

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