We've all heard of singers making it big because of Youtube, but can models find their big break online?

Modeling agents are now going to Instagram to find their next hit. With social media allowing just about anyone to get recognized via viral videos and pics, it isn't that crazy a notion. 

Also, we're a part of a great time in fashion where major brands care about diversity with their models, from "girls next door" to curvier forms. 

Some designers have finally caught on and are looking for more relatable models to attract new customers, sometimes even using actual customers to model their latest designs.

Brands like Levis and Marc Jacobs, as well as It girl and model Cara Delevingne, have sent out requests on social media for everyday people to model their clothing. It's a great marketing idea as many agents know that one surefire way to promote their brand is by having their clothes look good on everyone. So essentially by combining social media and fashion, major designers and brands achieve relatable style and gain large social followings. 

So, how can you and I get noticed? That's what we're all reading this for, right? 

It looks as if portfolios and headshots are a thing of the past, and having a great hash tag or Instagram caption along with a fresh photo is what will get you out there. 

A great example is when Models 1 and ASOS teamed up this summer to find the perfect curvy model and received 2,000 entries in 10 days for their UK Instagram competition. Models 1 has represented Twiggy, Linda Evangelista, Olivia Palermo and Yasmin, among other famous faces. The team was looking for 17-28-year-old plus-size models UK sizes 17 and up. Last year was the first time the two teamed up to hold a modeling Instagram competition and they received 6,000 entries. Last year's winner was London student Simone Charles, 21.

In response to Charles' win, Models 1 stated "There has never been a better time to be a curvy model. Demand for our curvy girls just keeps growing and it is not just the size 12, 14 and 16s that in are in demand, brands are looking for size 18 and 20 curves."

Now a word of caution to those looking for a future in modeling and wanting to start on Instagram - proceed with caution. Next Model Management has found that numerous modeling agency accounts are not authentic and are actually trying to scam people. Good ways to double check are to research the company, view their website and contact information as well as their current list of models. If you can't find anything about a company off of Instagram, it's most likely unofficial. 

Photo Credit: Instagram 

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