Carefully choose your signature scent and always smell, well, like you! 

You’re entering the department store and looking around at all the pretty, shiny bottles. How can you possibly sniff through all these choices to find your signature fragrance? Before you start just trying a bunch, you’ve got to consider what you like. Are you more citrusy or earthy? What type of fragrance goes best with your personality? Before you partake in a sniff test, consider these tips for finding your signature scent!  

What’s the Ideal Fragrance For You? 

First you have to learn which scent family you think you belong to. Are you into florals or more woodsy? Find out here! 

Floral: Think of rose, carnations or even lavender. These are very feminine fragrances. 

Citrus: Super refreshing and perfect for the spring and summer months. How about orange, lemon, grapefruit or peach?

Oriental/spicy: These scents are ambery or musky, like warm vanilla or spices.

Woody: Very earthy scents like bergamot, oakmoss, or labdanum.

Then there are others like food inspired fragrances. There are many to choose from so start by searching through a family you like. Plus, it’s okay to enjoy a couple scent families and switch up your fragrance dependent on your mood or season!

Tips for Finding Your Fragrance Soul Mate 

  • Remember, perfume will smell different in the bottle, on your skin and on a fragrance card. Try all options before making a decision.
  • Think about your skin type. For example, if you’re skin is drier, the scent will dissipate more quickly. 
  • We are all guilty of trying a bunch of fragrances at once and never knowing which is which. Use different places on your skin, use fragrance cards or spread it out over a few department store trips. 
  • Think about your personality. If you are someone who wears minimal makeup and loves hiking, maybe a more earthy scent is best! 
  • Think about scents you enjoy smelling. Are you the kind of person who adores the smell of fresh citrus fruit and no other scent can bring you that joy? Maybe opt for a citrus scent. 

A good scent can help represent who you are so instead of buying the first perfume you see on the counter, invest your time into finding your fragrance soul mate! Ask your family and friends too for their opinions!

Happy sniffing! 

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