how-to-color-gray-hair-at-home-videoGet rid of gray hair with at-home hair coloring tips by Mafia Hairdresser Jon-David. 

Gray hairs are stubborn and relentless. They don’t care about your age or if you just had your hair professionally colored three weeks ago. Pesky gray hairs are steadfast and will show their ugly faces without warning.

If you just recently colored your hair brunette or red, Mafia Hairdresser Jon-David offers an easy solution on how to get rid of gray hairs. 

Gray Root Touch Ups

First, remember gray hair is never a sign of getting old. Ladies, you are young and beautiful, no matter what your age is. Got it? Second, only color the gray hair itself. Never color the whole root with expensive all-over hair dye from a box. In the words of Jon-David, “Your hairdresser – your hair stylist is not going to love you because you’re going to ruin your hair color and bleed into that.” 

Jon-David recommends buying a 2-ounce bottle of hair dye and a bottle of peroxide.

  • Mix together equal parts of both hair dye and peroxide in a bowl on a counter until it creates a geloid.
  • Dip a disposable mascara wand into the gelled mixture.
  • Use the mascara wand to streak color onto the single gray hair and pull out.
  • Color streaks onto gray hairs only around the part and face.
  • Let color sit for 30 minutes and then shampoo, rinse and condition your hair.

Jon-David’s at-home maintenance solution for coloring gray hair is not only simple, but helps save money as well.

Why Does Your Hair Turn Gray?

Growing gray hair prematurely is primarily genetic. Pigment cells in hair follicles produce melanin, which colors your hair. Hair turns gray or silver when the body no longer produces melanin. Aside from genetics, a nutritious and balanced diet can help produce healthy amounts of melanin. Preventing gray hair is another reason to eat healthily! 

Embracing Your Silver Lining

Don’t let those grays intimidate you. All-over permanent color and maintenance streaks are effective solutions for combating graying tresses. Highlights are a second option. Highlights can accent dull hair with subtle color and shine or enhance tresses with bold and bright hues. 

Why not embrace your grays and silvers? Glam up your graying hair with shiny silver and white streaks. Proudly embracing gray locks for a brazen look denotes a strong woman with confidence and stylish self-assurance. Also, gray hair tends to be dry and wiry; invest in a deep conditioner such as Philip Kingsley Elasticizer or Aveda Blue Malva Conditioner.

Whether you show off your silver tresses or hide gray roots with color, with a little blush, some lipstick and a bright smile, your beauty will be flawless!

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