nighttime-glam-vamp-lookWhile less is more for the day, more is more for night hours.

You can make a normal look a summer night glam look with a few tricks and tips. Make your nighttime look a vampy glam look that’ll turn heads all night long. You may be thinking you need lots of product, but you just need a few essentials for a complete vamp look. From the top of your head to the bottom of your chin, we've got all you need for a nighttime glam vamp face.

Glam Nighttime Vamp

Hair Part 1:

For the hair, dry your hair to a slightly wavy to straight texture. Create a deep and dramatic side part with a comb. Spray hair with hairspray right below the part and press down with your hand. Heat with hairdryer to set.

Hair Part 2:

Create voluminous waves. Bring all hair to one side. Use a curling iron to create big glamorous curls, leaving the ends of the hair out of the iron. Tease the curls and break apart with your fingers. Add hair polish for shine and to control frizz.


Add your choice of moisturizer, foundation of BB cream. Set with mineralizing or translucent powder. No blush or highlight necessary. 


Create glossy, mysterious, smoky eyes with a thick kohl eyeliner along the lashline. Blend with finger or blending brush. Add a glossy shadow with the fingers. Add a coat of black mascara to finish the eye look.


The look is complete by applying a deep plum or purple lipstick to the lips with a gloss of a like color.

Your glam nighttime vamp look is just that simple and you didn’t even have to use that much product!

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