Styling your kid's hair is never easy. With their running-around-the-playground lifestyle, it can be hard to find hairstyles that simply stay in place. The only thing more difficult is having to deal with the unfortunately standard hair problems of knots, tangles and cowlicks.  

While knots and tangles may be a nuisance they're at least easy enough to handle with a little patience and a comb, cowlicks on the other hand take a little more effort and styling to take care of.  Cowlicks happen as your hair naturally changes texture every seven to eight years, and unfortunately aren't preventable. 

However you can style away those stubborn hair spots, as long as your child is willing to stay still for that long. The best thing to do is to brush the cowlick down at the root while their hair is wet. Style the cowlick and the rest of their hair so it follows their head shape and then blow dry it flat using low heat. 

If that's too much styling for your little one to handle, instead consider changing their hairstyle. Super short or super long hair works well to tame cowlicks. Short hair can potentially remove the cowlick completely, while long hair can flatten it out.  If dramatic hair changes like those are out, consider changing your child's part on days their cowlick is especially prominent as a way to hide the unruly hair. 

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