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Throwing a Super Bowl party this year can be easier than you think. Instead of just having people over to watch the game, make it the best Super Bowl party they've ever been to! Put together a spread for your party this year with these three simple decorating ideas.

Super Bowl Decoration Ideas

  • Astro-Turf Tablecloth: Take a trip to your local hardware store and buy a yard of turf to cover your table! You can even make it look like a football field by creating the yard lines with white medical tape.
  • Miniature Goal Post: While you’re at the hardware store, pick up a few pipes and yellow paint to make the shape of a small goal post. It will works perfectly as the tables centerpiece.
  • Chalkboard signs: While snacking and waiting for the game, have photo shoots with friends using chalkboard signs! Write out your favorite team on the board and take some pictures. 
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