Ripped jeans are such an on-trend piece. You can find distressed denim everywhere and in all different stages of destruction, whether you go for the vintage look, buy a pre-distressed pair, or DIY it with a pair of newer jeans that could use a little edge. We decided to recreate the look myself with a DIY project.

How To DIY Distress Your Jeans

To play it safe, we tried this project out with an old pair of Forever 21 skinny jeans that cost less than $10.

What you need:

  • Sharp scissors
  • White chalk or white eyeliner
  • Sand paper (or a nail file)
  • A pair of tweezers
  • A cheese grater

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Step 1:


First, wear the jeans for a few hours to get a truer fit before cutting into them. This helps break them in and lets them adapt to your body, so you get a better idea of where to place the distressing. 

Step 2: 

Next, mark the jeans with white eyeliner where we wanted to make cuts for holes and distressing. If you have white chalk handy, we would recommend it over the eyeliner since it can be removed from the denim without washing. You can draw the lines whether you want, of course, but we recommend drawing them right above the knees to create an illusion of longer legs. 

Step 3: 

Once you've got the white chalk in place, it's time to begin snipping away at the denim. Then use sandpaper to fray the tops and bottoms of the cuts to get that shredded, distressed look. 

Step 4: 

If you want to loosen some of the unraveled denim, use tweezers to pull gently and further exaggerate the distressing around the knees. You can use your fingers for this step, but then you run the risk of ruining your manicure - and we'd never suggest that! You can also use cheese grater to add some interesting textures. 

Step 5: 

Last but perhaps most importantly, throw the jeans into the washer and dryer to make sure that the slits looked as naturally worn as possible.

And there you go - trendy and customized ripped jeans that are totally unique to you. 



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