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How To DIY Your Valentine's Day

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Store-bought greeting cards are great, but it can be tough to find one that conveys the sentiment you want to express. And what could be more personal than telling someone you love them on Valentine's Day? We’ve taken the DIY idea a step further with these easy, homemade craft ideas that are almost as fun to make as they are to give!

Heartwarming Cards



When it comes to cards, it’s really easy to get as creative as you want. Find one of your favorite photos of you and your special someone, make a copy at the drugstore and attach it with photo corners to the front of your card. Or make a collage using old magazines – you can go literal by using things that are meaningful to you both, or make it more abstract making a beautifully designed card.

If you can’t quite put what you want into words, try quoting from a favorite song or book. Decorate with glitter, heart-shaped stamps or other fun shapes. Experiment with paper choice and shape too, then cut the whole thing into a heart or other creative design. 

Waxed Paper Hanging Hearts

This beautiful and easy V-Day decoration is great for adults and kids alike. Take a few large sheets of waxed paper and fold in half. Coat one folded half evenly in colored shavings from wax crayons. Protect your ironing board with a towel or brown paper, layer the waxed paper on, and then cover with another sheet of brown paper. Iron on medium heat until melted. When cool, cut into different shape heart, string with a thread and hang in the window for a gorgeous sun catcher.

Heart-Shaped Soap


Fill a nonstick baking pan with chunks of glycerin soap (high enough that you’ll be able to cut with your cookie cutter, should fall about ¼ inch less than them.) Microwave soap in microwave safe dish until melted. Add soap to pan and add Valentine-appropriate food coloring. Let harden on top of stove for 2 hours then put in freezer for 10 minutes. Empty onto cutting board and cut with heart-shaped cookie cutter. Decorate as desired with metal stamps, glitter or other embellishments.

Personalized Box of Chocolates

Get a heart-shaped box from the store and remove the candies (or just eat 'em up). Fill with assorted trinkets that will be meaningful for the recipient. Try different candies, jewelry, paper hearts, tiny messages, or bath salts. The box can even be themed – beauty store finds, eye shadow, lip balm or each could be filled with a romantic message. When it’s filled, redecorate the outside so the recipient knows it is especially for them!

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