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Is your dog ruffing it in your home? Do you have lots of love for your furry baby but not a lot of personalized space just for them? Just because there isn’t an extra room for your dogs doesn’t mean Fido can't have a spot to store all of his chew toys! With some imagination and a little bit of inspiration, you can dog-ify your space for your precious pup. From small, unused kitchen cabinets to spacious niches beside the stairs, these unique "doggie" rooms will be perfect for any pup. 

An Unused Space


Photo Credit: WoofWoofMama.com; HomeStoriesAToZ.com; Grandin Road.com

Transform an unused cabinet for your precious pup. This is a perfect option for those with adult children who have left the nest. Now it's time to make some space for your furry babies!

A Room Of Their Own


Photo Credit: CarlAston.com; TheNomadicDecorator.com

Have some extra space? Make your loved pup one of the family by transforming a niche by the stairs or a small closet into a little retreat. 

A Small, Yet Roomy Place


Photo Credit: Decoist.com;BHG.com;DecorPad.com

Even if your home is less than spacious, there's still a number of ways to make a special place for your fur baby. Try creating partitioned cubbies or inserting a personalized crate in the laundry room. Although small, it'll still have a homey feel for your pup. 

Every member of the family deserves their own personalized space, including your dog!


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