how-to-dress-for-your-body-typeConfused about how to dress for your body shape? Here are tips that will help you dress to impress!

The most important thing you can do when shopping for an outfit is to shop for your body type. It sounds simple, but many people never master this simple skill. 

Luckily, we are here to help you discover which clothes are most flattering for your body.

Are You Wearing The Right Clothes For Your Body Shape?

  • What’s your body shape? The first thing you want to do is discover your body shape. While no two bodies are alike and every woman has her own unique personal style, there are various shapes that match a very close description to the build of your body. Discover what that is and it’ll be much easier to upgrade your wardrobe with pieces more suitable for you.
  • Get curvy: If you have an hour glass shape, clothes that draw attention your curves are the most flattering. Don’t hide them! Try bottoms that hug your hips and are loose on your thighs and legs. Make sure the top isn’t too loose (this will make the top half of your body look bigger) but rather slim and close to the body. Also, wearing tops that accentuate the waist looks great on curvy bodies.
  • Show off your full figure: For women with a full figure, tops that drape in the front and/or back are absolutely stunning on your shape. Try to stick with solid colors that look good on you. Have fun with prints but try to keep them to a minimum.
  • If you’re petite, keep it sleek and chic! Try to stay away from boyish styles but rather play up on your femininity with lace, peek-a-boo pieces and chiffon. Prints are always fun for this shape but too many are not very flattering and might make you appear weighed down.

While these are just the common body shapes women have, there are countless more. Like every woman, you have things about your body that you love and others that you feel you could live without. Find a celebrity who has a body shape similar to yours and notice what she wears that compliments her build. Discover the looks that draw your attention. Then, next time you go shopping, look for these styles and be on your way to enhancing the favorite parts your body every day.

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