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How to Dump Your Valentine...

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Breaking up with someone is never fun, especially during the season of heart-shaped chocolate and roses. But if you need tips on how to dump your valentine, look no further. Breaking up with someone the right way can avoid a lot of unnecessary anguish and heartbreak. Use respect, speak to them in person and always remember to let them down easy.

Forget About Texting

If you only went on one date, letting them know you're not interested via text might be a good idea. However, if your heart was involved in an actual relationship, make sure you speak to them in person. They will have questions, concerns and might need a shoulder to cry on, especially if your relationship was significant and long lasting.

Also, don't change your Facebook relationship status without them knowing. This might cause unnecessary shame and anguish that takes place in a social setting. By breaking up on Facebook, you're letting everyone know about your business, when in reality it's a private and personal concern.

Explain Your Decision

Maybe you just don't feel like you used to, or maybe you met someone more suited to your needs. Regardless, let your ex-valentine know why you are ending the relationship. Explain your feelings and make room for them to explain theirs. If your explanation is reasonable and respectful, there is a chance for friendship in the future.

Stick To Your Guns

Once you break up with someone, make that decision stick. It's not healthy for you to call them, comment on Facebook posts or like their Instagram pics after the relationship has ended. Give them space and take yourself out of the picture. Not only will this help you realize what you want in the future, it will help them heal and realize what went wrong.

Look At The Positive

Not every relationship was meant to last and knowing when yours is over is a sign of consideration and responsibility. Don't be too hard on yourself and know that things will work out in the future. If they don't, well, at least you have heart-shaped chocolate.

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