Transform your hair and say goodbye to damaged hair overnight! There’s nothing worse than having a bad hair day…or bad hair month. But, you can transform your hair overnight and say goodbye to frizz and dry, damaged hair and say hello to gorgeous voluminous, silky hair! Everyone has their own personal beauty routine but these overnight treatments really work and are super easy to do! Try some of these tips for enhancing your lovely locks overnight. 

Egg Yolk


While in the process of baking your favorite muffins, you can also make a strengthening cocktail for your hair that will completely transform your locks! Egg yolks have been used for decades as a hair treatment. Simply mix some egg yolks with about three tablespoons of olive oil. Apply the hair mask to your hair and tighten a shower cap around your hair and get some beauty rest. When you awake, your hair will be stronger, have silky shine, and be softer and easier to manage.


Caster and Coconut Oil 


Replenish your hair with these two miracle oils! Caster oil promotes hair growth, repairs split ends and nourishes and moisturizes the source: your scalp. Say goodbye to frizz! Coconut oil also promotes hair growth, seals in moisture and preserves your hair’s natural proteins. Simply mix five tablespoons of each oil, apply to hair starting at the scalp and finish off with a shower cap. In your eight hours of rest, these oils will transform your hair! 



Mayo isn’t just great for sandwiches or for making the perfect tuna salad. It also beautifies your hair and when used overnight, will protect it from the sun, from hair products, restores your hair’s pH balance and helps stop breakage. Scoop out a generous amount of mayo from the jar, apply to hair, and use a shower cap or plastic wrap over your hair for a few hours or overnight. 



Keratin Leave-In Treatment 


For an ultra-powerful treatment, shampoo and condition your hair with a keratin based formula before bed. Follow up with a keratin leave-in treatment and in the morning, frizz will be eliminated! Your hair will be silkier and livelier! 




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