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how-to-extreme-couponBe an extreme couponer with these seven tips!

Being a savvy shopper is being a savvy saver. Today, it’s a necessity to save money while shopping for life’s essentials and luxuries. The best way to get the best of both worlds is to be an extreme couponer.

Tips for Clipping and Saving Coupons

Clipping coupons is definitely not a thing of the past. It’s very much a modern thing to do. Coupons allow you to save and that’s the point, right? Why spend more money when you can spend less? Here are a few tips on ways to extreme coupon.

  1. Have a plan. More than likely, you desire to save and need to shop on a budget. Determine what that budget is and shop accordingly. Be smart: know when to cut the fat and when you can bend a little.
  2. Set aside time to coupon. Put couponing into your schedule. If you know Sunday’s are your day to have ‘me’ time and reflect. Coupon on Sunday! Make the day you choose to coupon a day to clip them, look online for them, and scurry newspapers. This can also be a number of minutes or hours allotted each day. No one knows your schedule best but you.
  3. Save coupons. You may not think you’ll find use of an oil change coupon, but, oh contraire! That isn't a good example, but you get the point. The point is to save coupons you stumble upon for a rainy day. Don’t get crazy with saving coupons, be reasonable with the possibilities of what you’ll need in the near future.
  4. Make a list. The best way to get great coupons for the stuff you need is to know what you need. Separate by family members, pets, things for the washroom, kitchen, etc. to find out what you need exactly. Not making a list could be the very thing that makes you use a coupon on pet food when you don’t even have a pet.
  5. Organize. Remember those coupons you’re saving for a rainy day? Well, tuck them neatly inside a coupon binder. A coupon binder is a couponers heaven. Choose a sturdy and large enough binder that will hold a bunch of coupons. Get dividers and labels and section off the binder by the types of items you buy: washroom items, bedroom items, kitchen items, laundry items, etc. When you need toothpaste you’ll be able to go to the ‘toiletries’ section and find that 2 for 1 deal in no time. Even if you want to get even more detailed with sections on fruits and veggies, freezer items, candies, etc., you can! You can also have a few sections by store. It’s your preference what color-code and alphabetical order you choose. Make sure you get baseball card organizers to place the coupons in.
  6. Expired coupons in the trash. It helps when you’re putting away coupons in a particular section to look for expired coupons and throw them in the trash.
  7. Couponing websites. There are so many websites that will list deals and match ups at specific stores for you. Use them! Check out AFullCup or ThriftyDivas. You’ll be highly surprised and grateful. Decide on a section of the house to store your bulk items. The kitchen cabinet is not a good place to store ALL of your ketchup. Nor is the office for all of your printer paper.

These seven tips on extreme couponing will help you maximize saving. We want to know how these tips helped you save! 


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