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how-to-find-happiness-2When happiness doesn’t come natural, you have to work on it until it comes as easy as breathing. 

You can’t just give into gloomy feelings. After moving with my family from Connecticut to California (the only similarity being the two C’s), I had work in store and was determined to keep at it until I became extraordinarily skilled.

It had been one year since we relocated, and I was tired of waking up in the morning feeling sad and thinking about all the things that I was missing on the East Coast.

Finding happiness during the holidays or other times of the year can be hard to achieve at times.

One day, I roped my husband into playing along with me.

“Honey, today we are going to play the happiness game. It is easy. If you don’t have anything positive to say then we won’t say anything at all.”

That lasted about an hour, until I was sick of the silence. Really? I thought to myself. This was not me.

Then I moved on to my next game, to list 5 things that make me happy, which should be pretty easy. However it wasn’t as easy as I had envisioned and I kept coming back to having a clean house. Certainly having a clean house wasn’t the key to my happiness, although it did help.

how-to-find-happiness-holidayMy next plan of attack was to bake. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies are always the way to brighten anyone’s day. Besides Leo Buscaglia always said when you are sad, bake cookies. Three-dozen chocolate chip cookies and one Weight Watchers commercial later, I realized that mass consumption of cookies might not be my best option.

With the holidays coming, I finally opted to decorate. Initially it was hard. I missed home. I missed my Christmas tree. Then as the garland went on the mantle and the twinkling lights danced on the tree, I found a glimpse of something that had been lost. Magically, I began to think about all the things that have made me happy right here in my new home. I began thinking about the beautiful sunshine almost all year round. I thought about my yoga classes that I was teaching and how I had found something that I loved. I began to think about what I did the day before that made my day successful. I began to envision the day ahead and what I could do to make it special.

I began to realize that my happiness was right there, under the tree. It was the best gift that didn’t even need wrapping to appreciate it. It wasn’t about what I didn’t have, but rather about my ability to create what I did have and the happiness that was always present, right under my very own heart.

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