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Just thinking about tax day makes some of us cringe. Thankfully though, there are plenty of companies across the country that are willing to make the dreaded day a little better. With thousands of options, there is something to ease your stress, and save money after paying taxes, no matter what you like. While some tax day deals require coupons printed from a Facebook page or website, many of the deals are given to everyone. The great thing is, some even last more than just tax day, so feel free to indulge during "Tax Week" Yeah, we're making that a thing.

Chow Down: Feast Like A Rich Woman On Tax Day

If you're looking to score some deals during tax time, get ready to eat. And then eat again, and then eat again. The majority of the deals can be found at food and snack shops, but that doesn't mean it's the only place to look.

Look Locally: Mom And Pop Shops Want To Help You Out

While a lot of the large fast food chains and major restaurants are helping tax payers out, there are plenty of local mom and pop shops that are joining in on this trend. Feel good about supporting a local business while also getting a free massage or discount on clothes. 

Like and Follow: Use Social Media To Your Advantage 

Often times, these deals are not widely broadcast and companies, large and small, rely on social media and word of mouth to make people aware of these opportunities. So in preparation for the big week, like and follow your favorites companies on Facebook and Twitter. Not every deal happens on tax day; some are days before and some are days after, so don't wait until the dreaded day to look up where you want to go. 

Do Your Research Ahead Of Time

Keep in mind, too, that deals may change from now until tax day, and some deals are only available at participating locations. So before you get your hopes up, make sure you call or check with your local location before you go there expecting a deal. You still have some time before the big event, so start asking when you stop in to your favorite places. If they have something scheduled, they'll tell you. If they don't, maybe you'll be the reason they start something new. 

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