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How-to-Find-the-Best-DoctorWhen it comes to your health, you want someone who knows what they're doing. So, find the best doctor!

Are you sick? Are your kids sick? Living in a new town? How do you find the best doctor? You’re health and your family’s health is important so you’ll want to find the best doctor out there. You’ll want a friendly office, an experienced doctor, and an organized and accommodating staff. Many people don’t even have a primary care doctor but maybe it’s time to get one. You may be sick and we know you are a trooper but you’ll need to find the best doctor. Here are some essential steps and tips to finding the best doctor

Where to Start to Find a Doctor 

  • ASK AROUND: Talk to relatives and friends about their doctors or past doctors and if they liked them. If anyone recommends a specific doctor, get his or her name and number. 
  • ONLINE: Look around online for doctors in your area. You can even check out reviews from patients to see what they think of the doctor. Check out WebMD or the American Medical Association websites. Check their accreditation while you’re at it. Find out their track record, where they have worked, education etc.
  • INSURANCE: Check if your possible doctors work with your health insurance. 
  • BOARD CERTIFIED: Make sure they are board certified and associated with a prestigious hospital.

Meeting Your New Doctor 

  • INTRODUCTORY CALL OR MEETING: You should set up an initial call or meeting. You are entitled to that. It will help to determine your decision. 
  • CALL THE OFFICE: You can tell a lot about the practice by talking to the office, seeing how busy and organized they are. See if Saturdays are open too. That will give you more options for appointments. 
  • AGE/GENDER: Think about the doctor’s age and gender and if that makes a difference to you. Does location matter? 
  • TRUST YOURSELF: Ask any and all questions you have. How do you feel around this doctor? You want to make sure you and your family feels comfortable around them; trust yourself. Pay attention to their attitude towards you.
  • TALK TO OTHERS: Talk to the doctor’s medical contacts or local nurses on their opinion of your possible chosen doctor. Or while in the waiting room, talk to people in there about their experience. 
  • UP TO DATE: Find out how up to date your doctor is with current medical advances.
  • NOTEPAD: Bring along a pen and pad of paper to write down questions you have or information you want to remember that they tell you.

Use these rules and tips to finding the best doctor. We are talking about your health and your family’s health. Don’t just pick anyone; find the best doctor for you! 

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