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Saving money has never been so popular. Millions of fans are raving about all the coupon-clipping, super-saver television shows, and some are even kicking themselves that they too haven't started collecting the magical squares. There are a few tricks to finding discounts on almost anything, and once you learn them, you can save your family a bundle every month.

Enter The Hidden World of Consumer Discounts

Learning how people save money is becoming a fine art form. It used to be the only option was knowing someone in the retail chain or spending hours each week clipping coupons from your local Sunday paper that may save you a whopping two dollars.

Currently, if you spend just a little bit of time on the internet each week and quickly go through those weekly ads in the newspapers, you will be saving fortune each year.

Shop Smart Online

This is a big one that some are still are missing. Imagine you are shopping for a fishing rod for your kids. You can either drive to the nearest sporting goods shop and lose an hour or two of your time, or you can do it right from home. By searching on the web, you can compare the prices when on a Google search just by pressing the "shopping" icon to the left.

This will do all of your price comparing work for you in seconds. It will even advise you of how much the shipping costs can be. Some retailers offer free shipping to a local store, so be sure to take advantage of such bargains. You can also sign up for many retailer's weekly ads via email. If you do not want thousands of emails each week from vendors, make a separate email account just for this purpose.

Some weeks you'll receive coupons for up to fifty percent just by signing up for an emailed ad. When shopping online, you should also check out coupon code sites like Retail Me Not that offer codes you can type into virtually any online merchant for great discounts.

Actually Clip Coupons

Maybe cutting coupons isn't your thing, but give it a try for one week. Toss every ad that comes in the mail or newspaper in a bag and go through them all one morning. Clip out what you use and toss out what you don't.

Now, look at those same shopping ads for the grocers in your area that offer coupon doubling or rounding up on any coupon. This is where people save a fortune. You can clip a coupon for ten cents of lemonade mix and, in some local stores, they round them up to one dollar. Do that for just ten coupons a week and you saved yourself forty dollars a month--money that can go to a cell phone bill or a nice breakfast out.

Take your time. Finding secret discounts is something some people study until they get it right. You can even look into signing up for a coupon service to further your monthly savings. The sky's the limit to what you can save with some clever couponing! 

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