How To Find The Right Cardigan To Stay WarmWith temps dropping to well below zero in most of the United States, now would be a good time to find a nice cardigan to stay warm and cozy. 

On top of keeping yourself from freezing, finding the right type of cardigan for your body type that enhances or gets attention off of certain features.

  • Dress 10 Pounds ThinnerFor example, if you feel like you aren’t very blessed in the...breast department, pick out a cardigan that has lots of print and/or embellishments and designs on that area of the sweater. To stay even warmer, you can get a cardigan that has faux fur to add extra material. 
  • However, if you are extra busty, you probably already know that a cardigan that doesn’t button up is the best option. Or simply leave your cardigan unbuttoned. Being a busty girl myself, I’ve learned to stay away from buttoning anything in that area. But to each his own.
  • If your arms aren’t necessarily a feature you want to highlight, opt for a cardigan that’s a little larger from the shoulder area to the elbows. Not only will this keep your warms warm at work, but it will cover up the arms you don’t want to show. 
  • If you are petite, a long, straight cardigan will definitely keep you warm. It’s also known as the boyfriend cardigan. To add a little “va-voom” pair it with a thin belt around your waist to enhance your curves, hips and bust. Or better yet, spring for a cardigan that has a tie on it. Be sure to wear leggings or very skinny jeans with it to avoid looking frumpy or like you are swimming in your outfit.
  • A popular type of cardigan these days are probably one you can find in your grandmother’s closet. Yep, I’m talking about the oversized, print cardigan. Not only will you be making a statement while keeping yourself warm, you’ll look cute doing it! The best part is that when it warms up, you can pair it with a short shorts and a tank top and it will still be super cute! 
  • Shawl-Collard cardigans are also a surefire way to stay warm. They are larger so you can still put a sweater dress or fitted sweater inside without it being extremely tight.

Staying warm is definitely something essential this time of year, but you can still be cute!


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