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how-to-find-the-right-running-shoe-videoNot sure which running shoe is right for you? We visited a running boutique to find answers!

Those of us that get the "running bug" understand how finding the right running shoe can be paramount. What is the right running shoe? Whether you are an aspiring runner or a seasoned one, you can find the right running shoe by visiting a running specialty store.

Ladies, this is not about picking the shoe with the cool colors that catch your eye (and there are many)! This is about studying the arches of your feet and your running form, thereby making your running experience more enjoyable and avoiding injuries. Andrea Metcalf meets with Joel Feinberg of universalsole.com where they discuss how to find the right running shoe.


Find the Right Running Shoe

  • As you visit a store that specializes in running, you will be asked about how much you run and if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. 
  • Be prepared to have your feet examined so that the specialist can check out your arches. This will help them know which shoe would best benefit you.
  • Many running stores have a treadmill or computerized devices that can check your gait and see how your legs and feet move. I have found that this has been very helpful in finding the right running shoe.

Having always been a runner, I struggled with hip pain after having children. I found that alleviating the pain was about finding the right shoe for my running. Wearing the right shoes for long-distance running is really important. This is the one moment in fashion where you might have to throw style out the door. Wear what is best for your feet!

Are you a runner? Tell us your mileage and what has helped you find the right shoe for running on Facebook or Twitter!

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