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how-to-fix-a-wet-cell-phoneWet Cell Phone? Don't Panic, it Might Not Be Gone Yet!

For the unlucky percentage of us, we’ve had that horrifying moment when our precious, expensive, treasured cell phone meets its greatest foe: water. Many think cell phone water damage is the death of it, but don’t worry, there are ways to save your wet cell phone. If you know how to fix a phone with water damage and act fast enough, there is plenty of a chance to save your water damaged cell phone. To do this, though, you have to know what will help and start working quickly. So, stay calm and fix a wet cell phone!

Saving a Wet Cell Phone

1. Take the Phone out of Water

Well, duh. It may seem obvious, but taking your phone out of the water can help fix the phone water damage. Do this ASAP. Don’t panic. If it’s just a quick dip in the pool and you acted fast, your wet cell phone should be fine if you follow the next steps.

2. Remove the Battery from Your Water Damaged Cell Phone

This is one of the most important steps in cell phone water damage repair. Remember, water and electricity is not the enemy here- water and power is. Taking the battery out will cut the power, and it should be done immediately. It should be easy, but quickly consult the cell phone manual if you have trouble. In fact, take out all that you can from your water damaged cell phone. Take the cover off, the SIM card if you can, as well as anything like a memory card you have stored in the wet cell phone.

3. Wipe the Wet Cell Phone Down

To repair cell phone water damage, use a soft towel or paper towel to gently wipe down any water on the wet cell phone you can see. Any drop of water can lead to the death of your phone, so calmly wipe down any water you can see. Remember to stay calm and not wipe off anything important, like buttons.

4. Vacuum the Water Damaged Cell Phone

This advice often comes up in water damage phone troubles. Use the vacuum on low to suck any water that you can’t wipe down with a towel out. However, DON’T use a blow dryer, even on the “cool” setting. Not only could it force water further in, but fry the parts inside of the phone.

5. Let it sit in Uncooked Rice Overnight

This is a great tip to fix a wet cell phone, and it’s not some old wife’s tale. Uncooked rice is known to absorb water. Put the cell phone in a cup or bowl full of rice, along with the battery, and let it sit overnight, rotating it every hour or so.

6. Leave it off

A common problem with cell phone water damage is turning it on too much. The phone should be off for at least 24 hours, longer if you can bear it. Let the phone sit on a towel or paper towel after you take it out of the rice, checking to see if the towel is wet as a result of absorbing water from the phone. Repeat the above steps if it is.

7. Test it out

Turn it on to see if the phone water damage has improved. If you followed all the steps, waited and it turned on, the phone should be fine. If it doesn’t turn on, take it to a professional. Don’t try to hide the water damage. They have ways of being able to tell, and some insurance plans, though not all, cover cell phone water damage.

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