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Have you ever felt disconnected and disinterested at work? Have you stopped caring about the work that you’re doing and find that you’re not passionate about it either? I call this being in a work coma. 

A work coma happens when you’ve gotten so used to your job and become in such a rut that at the end of the day you no longer feel like you enjoyed your day, but you have anxiety, stress, and feel unfulfilled. You no longer feel like what you’re doing matters or is important for your personal growth or happiness.

You might be reading this and nodding your head, agreeing that this is how you currently feel about your job situation. You might feel stuck, but it’s important to get in touch with what you like to do and figure out what type of job you feel like you could do without getting bored or being disinterested.

I understand that it’s totally unrealistic to just up and quit your job on no notice. So how do we get out of a work coma and start doing what we actually want to do? Follow these few steps.

1) Write down your schedule. Write down hour by hour, day by day for a week. What you normally do including your work schedule.

2) Write down your passions. During your normal schedule, when can your work on your passions. What can you do everyday or every week to start working on your passions more and more? It can be anything from taking steps to start a blog, looking for a new job you know would be better for you, going to a networking event, starting a class, etc.

3) Make a chart for yourself and check off when you take these steps. Track the steps you’ve taken to pursue your passion weekly. Keep note of the steps you’ve taken to pursue your passion and how you’ve felt after taking each step.

4) Start to add more time to your schedule to devote to your passion. Of course start to do this after a few weeks of doing the first three steps. Try to figure out what other steps you can take and how you can commit to your passion more deeply. 

5) Vocalize what your passions are. Tell people what you’re passionate about and what it is that you’d like to start doing (at least to your friends and family). Get the courage to take more and more steps with your friends and family’s support to go after your passions and get out of the work coma.

While it may be difficult to get out of the work coma. Following these steps will help you start to realize what your passions are and help you devote more time to them. You will find that you will be happier because of it.

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