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Our British correspondent Lauren Depass has shared her tips for getting the ultimate glam-romantic look for a date night with your special someone.

Date nights are the best. Whether you plan on enjoying a romantic dinner with your partner, a night out on the town, or just fancy getting glammed up to eat take out and watch your favorite movie on the sofa, we have the perfect look for you.

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Priming is the most important part of any look and the key to making sure your make up will look as fresh 10 hours later. I’m going to use one of the cheapest but amazing primers on the market, Nivea post shaving balm. Simply pour into your palm and massage all over your face. Leave to dry before applying foundation.

 Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.34.31 AMFor the foundation, I use MAC studio fix and my Iconic London EVO brush. Only a couple of pumps are needed, as the EVO brush is super absorbent. Apply in circular motions for a flawless finish.

 The last steps of my base are to conceal and bake. By baking I don’t mean whisking up a batch of muffins although the powder does look and feel a lot like flour. Baking is the new make up term for applying translucent powder under your eyes to fill in any lines and produce an airbrushed finish. 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind is one of my favourite concealers. Apply under the eyes in a triangular shape with the sponge applicator. The Illamasqua loose powder and my real technique sponge are my baking tools. Dap the end of the sponge directly into the powder and apply over the concealer. Leave the powder to bake for 15 minutes.


Whist you leave the powder to set, it’s time to turn your attention to my favorite part of any make up look, the eyes. Priming your eyes is just as important as your face and for this I use the Urban Decay primer portion. This encourages the eye shadow not to crease and stay in place all day and night.

To start off the romantic eye process, I use one of my favoScreen Shot 2017-02-07 at 12.49.50 PM Croppedrite palettes of all time, the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette and yes it actually smells of peaches! 

The first shade I used was Georgia. Apply this color above the lid as a base to the overall eye look.  

For the crease and the outer of the lid I went for Summer Yum, a beautiful dark peach shade that I knew would compliment the other shades perfectly. I also use this for the under eye. 

Lastly, apply Peaches & Cream to the lid to create a smoothly blended look.  

Now, no Valentines look would be complete without a glamorous wing. The collection 2000 liquid eyeliner has been in my make up bag since I was 14 (not the same pot of course!) For those who are not as confident with eyeliner wings, you should practice with pencil, which is a much smoother application. To make it a little easier on myself I used my Morphe eyeliner brush

It’s time for the lashes and the great news is you don’t need fake ones for this look. All I use is the Sleek full fat lash mascara. Apply to the top and bottom lashes. 


Ready, steady, BAKED. Now that the hard bits over, its time to brush away the powder and see the flawless skin that lies beneath. Take a powder brush and swipe it gently underneath the eye. This also gets rid of any excess eye shadow powder, Genius!

Did someone request Kim Kardashian cheekbones? Well the Iconic London cream contour palette and their EVO brushes is all you need to achieve that look.

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Apply the darkest shade to the hollows of your cheekbones and on either side of your nose. Next use the lightest brown shade and dot across the top of your forehead. The lightest shade should be applied down the bridge of your nose and underneath your eyes. 

Once finished, blend in circular motions. 


For the penultimate step, I used my M·A·C Fluidline Brow. The key to the perfect brow is razor sharp precision and gentle application. Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 12.55.20 PM

From the inner of your brows follow your bottom brow line. For the top of your brow you do not want to draw a straight line from the inner. I’d say start from 1cm in and then follow the outside of your brow. Gently fill in any gaps with small delicate movements. To finish brush your inner brow hairs upwards, to create a more natural subtle look. 

To finish the look is the classic red lipstick. Would it even be valentines without it? My favorite red shade at the moment is Sleek VIP lipstick in Walk of Fame. So there you have it, the four steps to the ultimate glam-romantic Valentines Day look. 


Lauren Depass is an aspiring novelist, freelance writer and blogger at A Yorkshire Soul. The topics you will most likely find her writing about are women's lifestyle, relationships, beauty and mental health. When she's away from the keyboard she's usually reading, knitting or searching for penguin documentaries.








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