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how-to-get-your-baby-to-sleep-videoBabies need their rest and well, let's face it, so do you! But how do you get a crying baby to go to sleep?

All mothers, whether you're new or a mom of four, know when you hear that cry at 3 a.m., it's time to get up! But, that's not to say that all babies don't sleep through the night. There are ways to get your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep -- I promise!

Our very own Andrea Metcalf has the answer. Get your angel to sleep fast by paying attention to some familiar and maybe some not so familiar signs that they're tired. We also have a few great tips to get them a better nights sleep, and get you one too!


sleepy cues are good cues and patterns are a positive thing! Try these ideas for getting your baby to sleep... singing never hurt either!

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