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Screen Shot 2018 03 28 at 12.15.11 PM CroppedHow many fruits and vegetables do you eat per day? We’ve all heard five servings is recommended daily and yet 40% of Americans are not getting their two cups of fruit a day. Plus, with 68% of Americans overweight or obese and the US ranking #1 for childhood obesity, here are a few tips on getting more fruits into you and your family’s diet.

  • Keep fruits in sight. Put fresh fruits on the counter or in the center of the fridge instead of the bottom drawer of the refrigerator.
  • Get slushy. Fruit slushies  are easy to make and taste great. Take your frozen berries and drop them into a blender. No need to add ice when they’re frozen and you have a great fruit slushy; kids love them! Try adding a squeeze of lemon juice for flavor.
  • We all scream for ice-cream! Ice cream can be easily topped with fresh warmed berries but try this banana treat. Take frozen bananas and blend them with a teaspoon of vanilla. It has the consistency of ice cream without the high calories.

Other tips:

It’s a good idea to buy these organic: blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, peaches, nectarines and apples.

Don't need to buy these as organic: Bananas and fruits with a tough peel are less likely to retain pesticides..

And remember to wash fruit right before you eat it instead of when you bring them home from the store. That should help them stay fresher, longer and less likely to mold. Plus you and your family will be more likely to grab a piece of fruit when it's already prepped and ready for snacking!

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