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How to Get Your Guy to the DoctorEveryone needs to go to the doctor on a regular basis, including your guy.

When was the last time the man in your life got a check-up? It can be difficult to get men to go to the doctor despite it being beneficial to their health. Many men live thinking “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” when it comes to their health but this shouldn’t be the case.

If you are concerned about the health of your boyfriend or fiance or even a brother or father, here's how to get your guy to the doctor.

Doctor Visits For Your Guy

Tell the guy in your life that like tires need to be checked and oil needs to be checked and changed, your body needs to be checked on occasion to make sure everything is running properly. The only way to do that is to go to the doctor!

Depending on his age, he should be seeing a doctor every 6-months to a year to ensure his prostate and heart is in A-1 shape. Prostate cancer usually affects older men. According to the National Cancer Institute, there were more than 230,000 new cases in 2013. Getting your guy into the doctor's office can help prevent him finding something as scary as this or worse. 

Some men may be very scared to go just because they don’t want bad news. However, if you don’t know what’s going on inside of your body, then you won’t know if there actually is a serious health issue. Many health risks and diseases including prostate cancer can be present without any symptoms or signs.

If he experiences any type of discomfort or fatigue doing normal every day things like walking, washing the car, and even sex, insist he visit a doctor. There could possibly be no health risks at all or an issue that slowly effects the body.

Get the men in your life to visit the doctor at least twice a year to always be on the safe side. 

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