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How to Get Your New Year's Kiss

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how-to-get-your-new-years-kiss-1New Year's Eve is just around the corner and with it, a sweet tradition.

With the coming of New Year's Eve, there is the question of whether or not (if we can stay up long enough) you will get the kiss that really rings in the New Year. Here are some ideas on how to get your New Year's kiss!

Did you know that the New Year's kiss dates as far back as the Ancient Romans? The Romans would throw a large party each New Year's eve, named the Festival of Saturnia, and they would kiss as much as they could. Later, the English and Germans would note the New Year by kissing the first random person they saw at midnight. Superstition of the time held that kissing the person closest to you at midnight strengthened the bonds of your relationship in coming years. You may not want to just kiss a random person, but no matter what these tips will prep you for the New Year's kiss. 

Ways to Get Your New Year's Eve Kiss

  • Catch someone off guard and plant one. Be brave! Perhaps it's someone that you have been flirting with, or if you're really gutsy, just surprise someone!

  • Kiss your pet. Most pets love unconditionally. Just think: it would be zero stress and kind of cute.

  • Blow a kiss. If you can't get close to the person that is your target, catch his glance across the room and just do it! You never know where that blown kiss might lead.
  • Kiss your car. Chances are you spent some money on it, so you might as well "love on it."

  • Eat a chocolate kiss. What a better way to ring out the New Year than some chocolate? Chocolate is an aphrodisiac so those "feel good" hormones will send you off into the New Year with a smile.

  • Kiss the television screen when there is a hot guy on it. Okay, not perhaps what you planned but a hot guy is a hot guy, even if he's on the TV screen! 

  • Kiss yourself in the mirror. Can't think of a better way to show that you are loving yourself into 2014! With that kiss, promise that you will take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally in the New Year.

  • Kiss a baby. They are irresistible! Who doesn't want to kiss a baby? Plus you will still get your kiss.

History of the New Year's Kiss

Here's another interesting fact about the history of the New Year's kiss. Europeans traditionally held a ball on New Year's Eve where they wore masks. This practice took place for hundreds of years. Tradition held that the mask symbolized evil spirits from the previous year and that by taking them off to kiss was a purification act. So if you are at a costume party, you can enlighten the attendees on this interesting tidbit.

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