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how-to-give-yourself-a-breast-examLearn how to give a self-breast exam. 

Knowing and learning how to give yourself a breast exam, according to the American Cancer Society, is important for all women to do, at all ages. When a woman is in her 20's, she should begin giving herself self-breast exams. But knowing how to give a self-breast exam properly is important. Women, listen up, as we teach you how to give yourself a self-breast exam, the correct way.

Self-Examination and Breast Awareness 

It’s important for a woman to know how her breasts feel and look before she learns how to give herself a breast exam. Knowing what your breasts normally feel like and look like will give you the ability to know if something looks or feels wrong. If there are changes, tell your doctor. But, don't freak out. Changes in your breasts don’t necessarily mean cancer.

Women who have breast implants, women who are pregnant and women who are breastfeeding can give themselves a breast exam. So there is no excuse for any woman!

It is ideal for you to give yourself a breast exam when your breasts aren't tender or swollen. Giving yourself a breast exam does not excuse you from having a professional do it. See a physician on a normal basis and schedule yearly check-ups for your feminine exam. 

How to Give Yourself a Breast Exam

  1. The American Cancer Society says first, lay on your back. Put your right arm behind your head to exam your right breast and place your left arm behind your head to exam your left breast.
  2. Use your 3 middle fingers in order to feel for lumps. Use small circular motions. Use light, medium, and firm pressures. The firm pressures should be used to feel for lumps closest to the chest and ribs.
  3. Move up and down on the breast. Examine up to the collarbone, out to the armpit to the middle of the chest and down to the bottom of the rib cage.
  4. Also, stand and look at the mirror. See if your breasts have any changes in size, shape, redness, contour, dimpling, or scaliness of the nipple. 

These steps are essential for giving yourself a breast exam. To find out more on how to give yourself a breast exam, visit Cancer.com for more in-depth steps and photos.

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