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Whole-FoodsPhoto Credit: Whole Foods

You’re not the only person who complains that Whole Foods is too expensive. But if you feel like you can’t afford to shop there, you may be shopping wrong! Thrillist has compiled some easy ways you can "hack" Whole Foods, thus getting the most out of your shopping experience!

Buy your bread there:

It’s baked fresh there and you cannot beat the quality! 

Look at your receipt:

Read over your receipt before you leave the store. See if they didn’t give you a sale price on something or if the price was wrong, because usually they will give you that item for free.

Sample anything:

Sample almost anything in the store. It’s their policy. 

Be smart at the salad bar:

The lighter the food, the less it costs. Examples: Skip tomatoes since they’re heavy, go for the dressing on the side.

Buy produce on the weekends:

Their produce is absolutely the best but it’s even more discounted on the weekends!

Get your juice there:

Their juice bar is probably cheaper than your local juice or smoothie bar. 

The butcher can do the work:

Let the butcher break down a chicken, pound a chicken or tie up a pork loin roast. 

Follow their sales:

Follow their sale days. Follow Whole Foods on social media to find out the best sales for each day. For example, on Fridays, it’s the best day for discounts on meat or seafood. 

Get your whole dinner at Whole Foods:

You may not see the Whole Foods prepared foods counter as the place to get a whole meal but they have plenty of deals on prepared meals. 

Buy 365:

The 365 products are not only competitively priced, but some of the items like the salsa, soap, tomato sauce and pita chips are also of the best quality. 

Go big, go bulk:

The bulk section actually has some of the best deals! 

For more ways to hack Whole Foods, check out the article at here.

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