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How to Hang a Picture

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A Quick Way to Enhance the Interior of Any Room

One of the most rewarding but sometimes frustrating interior decorating activities you can do to your home is hanging up art you might have purchased, portraits of your family or other pictures that add to the hominess of your living space. No matter the size of your home there is art that something that will fit nicely. Having nice pictures and mirrors up add to the feeling that the space is all yours. Your art says much about who you are and what you like. It is wonderful to see it on the wall unless it is crooked, falls down, or you just can't get it on the wall to begin with. You can't enjoy anything until you figure out how to hang a picture the right way.

How to Hang a Picture Properly

Before you begin get your tools together, you will probably need a hammer, electric drill, picture hook, the picture, level, stud finder, tape measure and a pencil. Start off by deciding what wall you want to hang the picture on. If it is a big picture, it needs to go on a larger wall. If it is going to hang over furniture it should be a larger piece of furniture. Next, you need to decide if you want to center it over the piece of furniture or center it on the wall. You can also check to see if there is a stud in the neighborhood of where you want to picture (within an inch or so). Once you decide use the tape measure to find the center of that space (center of the piece of furniture or the center of the wall). Make the "X" mark at eye level since this is the recommended height to hang a picture.

Most pictures use a wire on the back as the main mechanism you use when you are hanging it up. You need to calculate the taut wire to figure out how much lower you need to put the nail so have someone hold the picture and pull up on the wire until it is taut, as it would be if it was hung.

Using the tape measure, measure the distance between the point at the top of the taut wire to the top of the frame of the picture. You will then go to your "X" mark and measure down the wall the amount of inches you just measured. This is the point that you will hammer in your picture fastener and an important milestone for how to hang a picture.

  • Using either your hammer or your drill (depending on the fastener) it is time to either screw in the fastener or the wall anchor if you are hanging a heavy picture and are not on a stud.
  • Wall anchors fill out the space in the dry wall and make it more solid so that you can then hammer a nail or screw into the wall anchor and it will hold.
  • After you know your placement put your picture on the wall and take a look at its placement. If it is a little low for you or a little high adjust the wire in the back of the picture, not the nail placement.
  • Remember, the recommended height to hang a picture is at eye level so don't over think this. It's not that hard to adjust and will save you a lot of holes in the wall. Additionally if the picture is very heavy you have the option of using two nails instead of one.
  • In that case you will need to make sure they are straight by using your level.
  • Center the two nails distance wise from each other so that they fit across the picture. You can decide where you want to place the nails by having someone holding the picture by the wire in the spots you think make sense and seeing how the picture falls.
  • You would then measure the distance from the wire to the top of the picture and that would be the placement of your nails in the wall.
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