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While you can certainly cry at your party if you want to, how about if all of us hostess with the "most-ess" try to have a good time instead! Sometimes that is easier said than done for the Type-A women out there, but let’s give it a shot anyway!

Chef Amanda Haas knows a thing or two about throwing parties and getting party supplies together. The Director of Culinary works in the Test Kitchen at William Sonoma, where she creates those great ideas we all buy. It is literally her job to make it easy to throw a good party, now she tells us how to have a good time while doing it!

Chef Amanda Haas's "Party Like You Know What You Are Doing" Tips:

17778-woman-potatoes-serving10% That is how much should be left to do the day of the party. Chef Haas says the prep and some of the dishes should already be made, have the tables ready to put together and a plan for what will go where. On the day of the party, do your few things and then focus on having fun.

The Internet Is Just For Inspiration Don't get so caught up on the picture perfect party pics you see online. Let them inspire your own vision and run with that one. No one is going to notice the beautiful centerpieces if the hostess is having a meltdown in the middle of the party. 


Superficial Is Okay Sometimes the easiest way to have an amazing party is to make it look like an amazing party. Find a set of creative, artistic (and non-breakable) plates that dazzle and maybe a cute, funky table runner. A few small decorative touches go a long way to sending out the "party" vibe

One, Maybe Two Don't plan a 10-course meal, focus on one great dish - maybe two - and let those be the "wow" factor on the plate. That doesn't mean everything else is bland, but maybe everything isn't home-cooked! Buy a fun mango-salsa. Pick up a spicy-flavored margarita prepared mix. No one said you have to make everything yourself.

The point of a party is to have a good time - both for your guests and for yourself!


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