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Sexting. You thought you wouldn't have to worry about it until your kids were in high school, but according to a recent study, middle school kids are doing it too. Sexting, when someone sends explicit, sexual photos or messages to someone else, is definitely not an easy subject to talk to your kids about but it’s very important you do. 

Study Finds Increase in Sexting Amongst Middle Schoolers

10720-how-to-have-the-sext-talk-with-your-kids-1The study looked at 1,285 Los Angeles students aged 10 to 15. Twenty percent of those surveyed reported having received at least one sext, while 5% reported having sent at least one sext. Again, the age range was 10-15! 

If your child has ever sent or received a sext, what does that mean for them? Well, the survey showed that kids who reported receiving a sext were six times more likely to be sexually active and those who sent a sext were about four times more likely to be sexually active and have unsafe sex. 

Remember your days as a teen and being curious? Well, it’s the digital age now, which means a larger arena for kids to learn, see, and find out things - both good and bad.  

If you recently gave your middle schooler his or her own cellphone, there is no better time to have the sexting talk with them. 

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