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How to Host a Clothes Swap Party

If you have ever looked in a friend’s closet and thought, “If I could just wear that one time!" a swap party might be just the thing for you. If you are a girl that likes to have unique pieces then you probably have friends that do, too. You all have seen pieces each other has that you all wish you could own even for a short time. Hosting a clothes swap party is just what you all need. Friends often borrow each others clothes anyway so why not host a clothes swapping party? Here’s how to host a clothes swap party.

High waisted shortstights originalMake a Theme

If you want a black and white striped blazer and your friend is looking for a cute scarf and something chevron to go with a pair of shoes, build a theme around each of them. Theming the party will ensure everyone is bringing like things that can be switched in place of others. If you need that black and white striped blazer and host a swap party without a theme people won’t know what to bring...and you’ll get rings instead of a blazer. Make sure everyone is on the same page.

Invite Fellow Fashion Lovers

If you have a friend that’s not into shopping, cares less about the latest trends, and has no idea what harem pants are, then maybe you can save her a headache and not send her an invite. She probably doesn’t have what the others will want in her closet and won’t want what everyone is bringing.

Set a Limit

You can swap out all of your clothes and accessories for one item. There should be a limit on the number of items to be swapped.

Swap Only What You're Comfortable Swapping

Just because you’re hosting a swapping party doesn’t mean you have to include your entire closet. YOU decide what you want to swap and if it’s not on the table or in the room, your stylish friends can’t have it. If you don’t want to swap certain items like your favorite top, bracelet your boyfriend gave you or a necklace your grandma gave you, you don’t have to swap it.

Know When the Swap is Over

Each person swapping with another should set a date on which (BOTH) items need to return to owner. If you swap a clutch for a statement necklace and don’t have the statement necklace to give back, your fellow swapper does not return your clutch. This ensures everyone gets their items back.

Make Light Contracts

You can make a contract for all parties to sign so that no one gets ripped off or their items stolen. Handwritten contracts with signatures hold up in court if it ever goes to that extreme. Make copies for each party. It may seem unnecessary but this keeps everyone safe.

Serve refreshments. If you like designer items and style decorate the party with Parisian accents or something that reminds you of fashion or a particular style/designer. Make it fun and have fun!

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