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How To Include The Kids On Valentine’s Day While Keeping the Romance

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Don't feel like romance has to fly out the window just because you're married and have a few youngsters running around. Whether you stay in or go out, you can still have a romantic Valentine’s Day while keeping the kids involved. Plus, why would you want to shoo them away, anyways They’re a product of your everlasting love! Here are some fun ideas for the whole family, and don’t worry, we left some romance in.

Bake together: Get everyone in the kitchen to bake some cookies or other dessert so your kids can feel included. Get a little chocolate on your finger from decorating cookies? Have hubby lick it off! Or feed each other your creation! These small gestures say a lot in the language of love! 

Kids table: Make a home cooked meal but still keep the romance. Set up a kid’s table with some activities like crayons and coloring books so the kids can eat and play, while you and your hubby have your own romantic dinner. Sure, you may get interrupted here and there, but you can still enjoy a romantic meal together. 

Family games: Enjoy a family board game night. Cuddle up next to hubby and play some fun family-friendly games. When the kids go to bed, feel free to break out the naughty games. 

Family movie night: Pop in a fun flick and get cozy with your man underneath a warm blanket. 

Read some poetry: While putting the kids to bed, instead of reading a children’s book, read some poetry about love! 

Have fun once the kids go to bed: Squeeze in some alone time after the kids go to bed. Enjoy a nice glass of wine or champagne and toast to your love! 

Dinner and a movie: Go out to dinner and catch a flick at your local theater. 

Family arcade night: Pop in some coins and play some arcade games. Head to the foosball table and have hubby stand behind you, hold your hands and teach you a thing or two about the game! 


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