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how-to-increase-sexual-desire-in-a-relationshipWorking to increase your desire for sex could be exactly what you need.

When it comes to sex, do you wish you had the desire for it? Do you want to know how to fake desire? Do you want to learn how to jump start sexual desire? Here your sex questions are answered.

Faking desire is something you should leave to the Oscar winners. Instead, you should try to jump start sexual desire by working on it with your partner. Before you think it’s complete craziness and can’t be done, it can. Here are tips on how to increase sexual desire.

Increasing Sexual Desire

  1. Pressure and stress can contribute to an inactive labido, so try to cut out the stressors.
  2. Set the stage by creating a relaxed and romantic atmosphere.
  3. Make sure you have a transitional period from regular day activities to date night, for example by plan for intimacy.
  4. Set the mood. Light candles, take a hot shower, play sexy music, put on perfume, and put on lingerie.
  5. Put the kids to bed at a certain time.
  6. Lock your bedroom door.
  7. End a busy day by reconnecting with your mate.
  8. Take care of yourself, feel good about your self so you exude confidence and feel desirable.
  9. Be honest with each other about what’s desirable for each of you.
  10. Talk about working out, walking or joining a gym together.
  11. Work together on keeping each other feeling young and healthy.

Hopefully these tips help you increase the connection you have with your significant other! 

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