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Keeping Busy When the Kids Move Out

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Your kids are adults now and have moved out, which leaves just the two (or one!) alone in a big, empty house. So how do you keep busy when the kids move out? Whether they moved out to pursue a college education or start their own family, learn how to cope with the extra free time and space! 

Keep Busy On Your Own

  • Read a book that you’ve been meaning to get to
  • Maybe you’ve been meaning to drop a few pounds or just get yourself healthier. Now is the time to do that. You have extra time to exercise and cook up something healthy
  • Get back into a hobby that you love 
  • Take a class at a local college 
  • Redecorate your home or a specific room in your house 
  • Get a part time job to fill up some time 
  • If you’re single, take the time to meet and date people! 

Keep Busy With Your Spouse and Others  

  • Volunteer
  • Hang out with other parents who are going through the same thing
  • Travel with your spouse to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go
  • Cook a fabulous meal with your spouse and eat it in the dining room instead of in front of the TV. Light candles and make it a romantic evening.
  • Go see shows with your spouse or friends like ballets, concerts or musicals 
  • Eat at fancy restaurants and take your time. Don’t rush the meal, just spend your time eating and having a real conversation with your spouse. 
  • Rekindle that spark! Be more intimate and experiment

Tips on Coping With Your Empty Nest 

  • Keep in contact with your kids through email, phone calls, or texts
  • Visit your kids when everyone has time
  • Talk with people about how you feel living in an empty nest. If you are having a severely hard time with it, you many want to speak with a professional
  • Keep a journal so you can write your feelings down
  • Try to enjoy time with your spouse and make alone time for youself
  • Allow yourself to be upset about the kids leaving; it’s normal
  • They will always be your children. You’ll always be apart of their lives, especially when they have children of their own. Look forward to being a grandparent! 

If your kids have moved out, clearly you’ve done your best as a parent. It’s normal to feel odd or lonely now that your kids have moved out and you’ll need to keep busy until you get used to not having them there. 

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