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When warm weather approaches, it seems like everyone is ready to change up their hair, typically wanting to go lighter. Sometimes that means just adding caramel highlights to frame your face and sometimes that means completely going platinum. The key to going lighter and keeping your hair healthy is to use very good, professional products.

Now sure, salon products can cost a pretty penny, but what if I told you there are salon quality products at the drug store that work better for your hair then the high end salon products?  I know it doesn’t seem real, but go ahead and pinch yourself! It’s real.

John Frieda is a fab brand that has been around for years. He really does take care of his customers by putting quality ingredients and restoring properties in his hair care especially for blondes. The best part is you can find these amazing products at any major retailer, drug store, or grocery store.  His prices are just too good to be true. 

Here are a few of our favorites to keep your summer time blonde hair healthy!

Beach Blonde Sea Salt Spray

If we are talking about summer time hair, we must touch base on this new Beach Blonde Sea Salt Spray. The product is so easy to use because it has actual sea salt in it. With just a few mists on damp hair and a real good crunch and a hair flip, you’ll look like a sexy  lifeguard.

Sun Streaks Lightening Spray

OK. We all have tried Sun-In in our hair at some point thinking we were actually lightening our hair when it did nothing. Sun Streaks Lightening Spray actually lightens up your hair. It's natural and UV activated with lemon in it and works the more you use it. So if you have that fabulous ombre and want to lighten up the ends but don’t want to go to the salon every three months and pay $100, you can buy this product and do it yourself.

Everlasting Blonde Color Perserving Shampoo

And how can we mention John Frieda and not mention their Sheer blonde products? These are OG and one of their top selling products. This shampoo avoids your nice blonde pigmented hair from being washed out and dried out. It had vitamins and minerals for moisture and a tonal preservative technology to keep your blonde staying blonde. Just pair it with the matching conditioner and you will be a force to be reckoned with.  

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