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how-to-keep-your-city-apartment-clean-and-organizedLearn How to Keep Your Apartment Clean and Organized. 

Keeping your city apartment clean and organized can be an ordeal since there is such limited space. But there are plenty of ways to keep your city apartment clean and organized by having all your belongings orderly, easy to find, and out of the way.  

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Belongings 

Keep your city apartment clean and organized by getting rid of things you don’t need or won’t use anymore. Sell old clothing you don’t wear anymore, donate books or movies you have no interest in, and toss old magazines, boxes, papers, or anything else that is cluttering your home. If there’s anything you can’t bring yourself to toss and want to keep out of the way, the best place is to put those items under your bed or if small enough, put under your dresser or other piece of furniture. 

2. Use Your Empty Walls 

A great way to keep your city apartment organized is by installing shelves on your wall. You can put trinkets, books, movies, picture frames, or any other lighter items on your shelves. 

3. Organize and Clean Your Closets 

Devote each closet to different items and devote each shelf in each closet to specific things. In your main closet put your shoes, coats, winter accessories, purses, etc. Put a couple hanging-shoe organizers and hang them from the closet rods. Shoes don’t have to just go in them; you could place gloves, scarves, etc. in them to get extra space. Use old shoeboxes for holiday decorations, extra shampoo or important papers. 

In your linens closet, devote one shelf to paper towels, toilet paper and tissues, another to shower products and so on. Anything else you can put under your bathroom sink to give you more closet space. 

A smart way to keep your city apartment clean is to organize your bedroom closet by hanging long sleeved shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets on one side and blouses or tanks on the other. Then, on the shelves, fold clothing you don’t wear a lot. That way you can easily find certain garments. 

4. Take Advantage of Your Furniture 

A great way to keep your city apartment clean and organized is to keep your furniture against the wall so there’s plenty of open space.

  • BOOKCASES: Purchase small and tall bookcases and place books, movies and CDs in them. You could be an overachiever and alphabetize them! 
  • ENTERTAINMENT CENTER: Place other movies, books, or even family board games in your entertainment center. Anything that is “entertaining” can go there, that way, you can easily find things. 
  • DEVOTE EACH DRAWER TO SOMETHING SPECIFIC: put your undies, socks, tights and leggings in one drawer, pjs and comfys in another, etc. 

Follow these ways to keep your city apartment clean and organized because with limited space, it’s nice to live in a spotless place. How do you keep your city apartment clean and organized?  

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