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how-to-keep-your-dog-in-the-litter-boxLove your pooch, but not your pooch in the litter box? We've got tips for keeping your dog out of the kitty litter!

Most of us that love animals have a space in our hearts for both dogs and cats. But, sometimes, even our favorite animal can do gross things. You may have experienced your dog digging in your cat's litter box, leaving him with bad "doggie breath" and completely grossing us out. Having recently adopted a puppy, I have learned that, she too, covets cat poop. And this is not at all funny to me. You know... it is a good thing she is cute....

So, how do we keep a dog from eating cat poop? Suggestions abound and if you are struggling with this problem, the following tips to keep your dog out of the litter box might help.


How Do I Keep My Dog From Eating Cat Poop?

  1. Make Sure the Litter Box if Free of Poop: Duh, duh, duh! Honestly, I had never thought of that. Really, we should be scooping out that litter box daily anyway.
  2. Pour Cayenne Pepper, Crushed Red Pepper Flakes or -Tabasco Sauce on the Poop: Unless your pooch is the canine-version of a Hispanic (ha ha for all my Mexican friends), the allure of the cat-poop-delicacy will be squashed, or spit out.
  3. Consider a Baby Gate: Even if you have a large dog, you can raise the baby gate so the cat can squeeze under or jump over the gate to get to the box.
  4. Consider Installing a Chain to Keep Your Puppy Out: If there is a specific room that you put the litter box in, you can install a chain that lets the door open only enough for the cats to slip through.
  5. Elevate the Litter Box: Depending on the structure of your home and how old the cat is, this could be a viable option.
  6. Consider Installing a Cat Door if You Have a Large Dog: This could be the door to your garage, patio, or spare bedroom. Now, we know this is probably the most costly of the above options, but it's an additional choice, anyway.

Why Does my Dog Eat Cat Poop?

The act of a dog eating a cat's poop actually has a term, called "Coprophaghia." And, many dogs do like to eat cat poop. Usually, puppies start and then grow out of the act. But, other dogs continue to lust for cat waste well into their adult years.

Reasons dogs eat cat poop is that they are either bored, get nutritional value, or compulsive. If your dog is eating cat poop, talk to your veterinarian about it. There are options, such as adding a product into your dog's food to make the poop less desirable, or dog-training advice.

Does your dog eat cat poop? I am working with mine to nix this behavior. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Tweet us!

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