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How to know if you lovw what you doHow many times have you said that you “love” your job, “love” doing a certain hobby, or “love” talking to someone, but find yourself later constantly complaining about it? Do you really love it? How do you know for sure?

From my experience there’s a sure fire way to tell if you love what you’re doing or to start loving what you’re doing and that is to be completely present.

When you’re talking to your best friend, are you actually paying attention to them or are you zoned out to the world around you? Are you focused at work and completely consumed in it or do you find yourself getting distracted by Facebook?

Be more present.

Start by making a list of events in your day where you honestly feel 100% present. Maybe it’s with your kids or during your yoga practice or dinner with your significant other. 

Next, make a list of things that you wish you were more present for. Practice being present at these events and during these things by laser focusing your attention. What’s going on right in front of you? Are you breathing quickly or slowly? Do you feel hot or cold? Bring your focus back to what you’re experiencing in the moment and start becoming more present.

Simply being and being present will not only skyrocket your happiness, but it will also be a tool for you to use to determine if you truly love what you’re doing, or if you realize that you’d rather be doing something else and you’re not passionate about it.

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