how-to-look-taller-and-slimmerDresses for the Short and Tiny.

Women tend to be insecure about their height.  Shorter women sometimes find their height disappointing and often look for ways to appear taller.  With most women this simply means a new pair of pumps or high heals.  But with a little fashion sense and the right dresses for the short and tiny woman, she can look taller in the right dress—pumps or heels optional.

10 Ways to Dress to Look Taller and Slimmer

There are fashion-savvy people who know the tricks to clothes styles that make them appear taller.  These fashion-wise individuals have loads of tips on how to dress to look taller and slimmer.   But before you run out and buy a new wardrobe, you should check out these cool style ideas to help you to dress and look taller.

Focus on Your Posture

Posture is a key component to focus on if you want to appear taller.  Someone 5’3” who has a natural hunch when standing or sitting would visually appear to be only 5’1”.  Simply practicing good posture can help you achieve your maximum height and look taller in your clothes.  By keeping your mind on sitting or standing with your back straightly aligned with shoulders slightly back, you can correct poor posture and you won't look so short or tiny in that dress.

Sport a Great Hairstyle

Hairstyles can also give you the apppearance of lookng taller.  If you have long, flowing hair that trails down your back, adjusting your cut and style can make you look taller and less petite. Longer hair tends to hide your neck.  This causes the illusion that your head and body are connected directly, making you appear shorter.  Getting a haircut that is chin length or shorter and maintaining a  hairstyle that reveals your neck will give you the illusion of looking taller.

Watch Your Body Weight

Since a leaner body tends to look an inch or two taller, watching your body weight isn't just a healthy idea; it can make you look taller.  When you are heavy and short, the focus is not on your height but your width.  The shorter you are with more weight, the rounder you appear and the more difficult it is to dress as a short or tiny person.

Avoid Patterns

When shopping for outfits, stay away from checkered, plaid and horizontal-striped patterns.  Along with polka dots, these patterns make you look cut off and shorter than you actually are.  Vertical strips such as a pinstripe, chalk strip or herringbone will work best to give you an elongated look.  Abstract patterns that incorporate diagonals and vertical lines can stretch you out  and are also flattering.

Choose Torso-Flattering Clothing

When you coordinate with two or more colors cut at the waist, you tend to point out your lack of height. Because you wear belts and other accessories, you show your torso and lower body proportions, which can make you look shorter.  Solid-colored outfits tend to create the illusion of being taller, because you can’t visually point out where your body divides.

Dress in Darker Colors

If you want to accentuate your height, choose flattering colors that will make you look taller.  Light colors and pastels, pinks, blues and greens won’t so sharply accentuate your height.  Whites, tans and  grays can give you a taller appearance in your clothes when worn as a monotone outfit.  Dark colors that are well matched: blacks, dark blues, browns and grays create both a slimming and taller look for a shorter or more petitie woman.

7. Avoid Heavy Fabrics

Avoid wearing heavy fabrics like wool, heavy denims and tweeds.  Heavy fabrics make you look shorter and dumpy and less smoothed out.  More lightweight and body skimming, not hugging, fabrics like cotton, linen, polyester blends and light denims are ideal fabrics for dressing the short or tiny woman. The good part about fabric weight is that you be a little creative by wearing heavier fabrics in dark, solid slimming colors.

8. Wear Moderately Tight Clothing

Finally, make sure you avoid wearing extremely loose or baggy clothing—something more body skimming is taller.  Don’t cut off your circulation to look like a stuffed sausage; moderately tight clothing is ideal.  Avoid capris and canvas shorts as they make you look cut off. Wear skirts either above the knee or three inches below the knee, never wear skirts or dresses to the knee or ankles this makes you look shorter.  Whenever possible, have your clothes tailored to fit properly but with a little room to modify if needed.

9. Sport a Nice Pair of Heels!

Choosing the right shoe style is very important when dressing to look taller.  Ladies, heels and pumps are ideal to give you a little boost in height.  Thick-soled shoes and sandals are ideal for more comfortable fitting shoes that make you look taller.  For guys, thicker soles for dress and some tennis shoes helps increase height.  Avoid wearing flats or shoes with low or no soles.

10. Don't Forget, Alter Your Clothes

Shorter people should wear longer coats that end slightly below the knees.  Longer coats will give you the appearance of being taller.  While long, slim pants are ideal for a taller look, make sure you have your pants hemmed to an appropriate length, neither dragging on the shoe or hovering above the ankles and never use outward cuffs.

Once you make a few postural adjustments to maximize your actual height, you will also gain extra confidence and keep up your physical health.  Focus on the fashion tips to pick out the perfect dresses for the short and tiny woman which will  make you look taller.

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