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iStock 590283062 CroppedWhether it’s a spot for your out-of-town guests, a kid’s room, or anything in between, don’t feel limited by your small bedroom. Instead of seeing it as a burden, welcome it as a cozy, clutter-free space. Simple decorating and layout tips can help create this new zen-like chamber that you, your houseguests, and kids will love retreating to and relaxing in.

Your Décor Color Palette

Paint colors have the power to totally transform a space. Lighter colors are the best route to take, since they reflect more sunlight than darker colors. If there is a dark color you’ve been dying to use, simply incorporate it into throw pillows or an accent rug. Mirrors also create the illusion of more space—try a full-length one to add new dimension to the room, or a wall of mirrors for a fun design element.

You can’t physically expand the walls of the room, but you can trick the eye into thinking otherwise. If your ceilings are low, stick with horizontal furniture, which will create more wall space. If your ceilings are high, take the all-vertical route, so your eye travels up, and add a tall dresser and that full-length mirror.

Don’t underestimate the power of a headboard if you have the wall space for it. It creates a focal point in the room and distracts from other busyness going on around it.

Your Storage Selections

Instead of filling the closets with boxes and bins for storage, think about furniture that doubles as storage. Look for pieces like ottomans, which can store bedding, or trunks, which can contain shoes and toys. You’ll create a stylish arrangement that works double duty.

Your Lighting Choices

It seems like an end table + lamp = no-brainer, but when it comes to a small room, add light in alternative ways. Hammer in a wall shelf, and have it function as a bedside stand for books, a lamp, or plants. It will cut clutter on the floor while adding a modern touch. If you’re going the ultra-minimal route, attach a reading lamp to your headboard or wall. A stool or wooden chair can serve as a sleek end table as well (and gives you a great excuse to hold onto that piece you’re not willing to part with yet).

And, remember, less really is more. Don’t feel the need to fill up every corner and shelf. Dust the dresser, fluff the pillows, and your not-so-little room is ready to impress!

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