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Shopping with kids at any age can be a challenge. Kids don’t have the best attention span and it can make you stressed out if they are getting antsy. Every parent has been there; the kids are kicking and screaming to leave the store but you just want to get through the checkout line in peace. Make a day of it and go out to lunch or play some exciting games while shopping to keep them occupied. Try some of these ideas to make clothing and other shopping with kids more enjoyable and fun! 

Make It Special

If you need to clothes shop for multiple kids, make it special by shopping for each child individually. Make it a mommy and me day so kids will feel more special. 

Make A Day Out Of It

Don’t just buy clothes and go home. Promise them that if they go shopping and are good, you’ll go to the zoo after or get an ice cream! 

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Fashion Show

Sure your daughter needs some jeans and sweaters for school but let her try on some fun and wild clothing like fun hats or glitzy dresses. Even if you don’t buy them, she’ll have fun trying on some trendy clothes and do a little fashion show with you! 

Play Games

While shopping, play some games. Who can find the word “sale” first? Or who can spot the first three red shirts first? 

Give Them Jobs

Give each child a job. If one child needs socks, tell them to find a few pairs of socks in a certain color and make it a test against the clock so it feels like a game. 

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Take Breaks

Kids can’t shop ‘til they drop. Take a few breaks in between shopping trips by grabbing a soda or going to a fast food place with a play area. 

Let Them Play

Allow your kids to play on your smartphone if they need a break and play some kid-friendly games if they get a little antsy. You could participate while still shopping for what you need. 


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