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But it's ok to feel out of your comfort zone, in fact it can lead to new horizons and growth.  It is a natural emotion that most freshmen in college feel, especially on the first day they step onto campus.  Since you can't take all your high school friends to college, making new friends will probably be at the top of your "new life at college" list.

How to Make Friends in College

In fact college is the best place to network, make new friends and forge lifetime career connections.  Granted, approaching a new group of people from different backgrounds and walks of life can be intimidating and compoundsthe challenge of meeting with new people.  Especially when freshmen are most familiar with having friends back home who often share the same interests, cultures and lifestyles with high school friends.  You may need to broaden horizons in more ways than one.

Everyone starting college seeks opportunities to build lifelong friendships among other college students. That is unless they're antisocial or reclusive.  Basically, half the job of how to make friends in college is done and the other half is based purely on your personality and social ability. Plus there are loads of student guidance tips and hints on how to make friends in college that freshmen may want to consider.  But honestly making friends should come naturally!  In reality this new job merely requires a modest effort, imagination and an open mind.  But if you feel that a little help is needed then we've provided this how to find your niche in college guide that will explain some tips on making college friends.

  1. First and foremost, simply being you is your best policy.  Remember being truthful of who you are will automatically draw people to you effortlessly.  Besides, most people do not enjoy socializing with fake people anyway. So being you is the best place to start if you desire genuine friendships.  Toss in a little imagination plus a little acceptance and willingness to learn new cultures and you've got the perfect ingredients to make friends in college.  So let's get started with putting these very basic tips to use!
  2. Colleges initially offer freshmen a head start with making friends, especially if you are planning to live on campus.  During the first year freshmen are usually assigned to live on campus and will also receive an assignment for their first roommate.  And because most colleges offer heads up and information on new roommates, you may find that as a new student you have all summer to starting building that friendship.
  3. Attending orientation is another great way to make friends before college starts.  Generally freshmen orientation is about 1 to 2 days so spending a little time with other freshmen can yield a good opportunity to meet new college friends plus get to know the campus and academic structure.  In addition to socializing during the orientation, try making a mental note of the campus set up and consider studying outside your dorm room.  Try studying in the library or coffee shop where other people congregate to study and socialize.
  4. Here's the kicker! Try attending classes and lectures more often. That's right, go to class.  Just because college permits academic freedom college social life.   You will find that a number of students take advantage of the online class syllabus and Mp3 formatted lectures with overhead illustrations for IPods usually published on college websites and class links, but is this always advantageous?  Quite naturally this would limit socialization among other college students as well as the prospect of making friends.  When you think about it, going to class is the best way to start making friends with other college freshmen who share the same interests and possibly the same major.
  5. Naturally, going out to college events would be an ideal way to meet new freinds at college.  Hitting the college scene and frequenting sports or other academic events guarantees camaraderie.  The best part of attending college events is the fact that there are all types of events to suit specific student interests.   For example meeting new people will be a breeze at a poetry or musical event if that's what you're into!  But the most obvious way to make new friends is to consider affiliations with an academic club, sorority or fraternity!   These are the lifetime friends we talked about.
And remember, just because attendance is not always weighed heavily in the overall grading scale-except in English and Math class, of course, it doesn't mean skipping class is good for your grades or your social life.

Now that we've given you a head start with building college friendships, simply turn on the charm and let your personality shine.  Remember college is the next stepping stone to a career and just because it requires academic diligence doesn't mean you can't have fun and generate new friends in the process.

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