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Valentine's Day treats seem to be all sugar and sweets. If you're looking for an alternative to feeding your kids and their classmates tons of sugar, try going with fruit cups. Decorating them can be as elaborate or simple as you want to make it. We've compiled 3 different ways to decorate your fruit cups- the fruit cup fish, the "love bug" and a simple note on top.

The fruit cup fish has two foam hearts as its side fins, and two smaller foam hearts glued together as its back fin. We added some eyes and the nose is a button.

For the love bug, the feet are foam hearts, the antenna is a twist tie (which could be a pipe cleaner) with two foam hearts attached. The tops of the antenna and the nose are sticker foam hearts, which we found at a craft store. 

The note is a simple one we designed and taped on to the top of the fruit cup for easy assembly and dis-assembly (for when you want to eat the fruit cup!). You can download the image we created! 

Orange youGlad we are friends-2

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