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Making friends was so much easier when we were kids. It seemed like you could share the water fountain together and be best friends forever. But as we become older, making new friends can be hard! Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, just moved to a new city, or are simply wanting more variety, try some of these ideas to make new friends. It may be a weird concept since you’re an adult and no longer in high school or college (when making new friends was as simple as hanging out with your roommate), but learning how to make new friends is a valuable skill at any age! 

Make New Friends In-Person

  • GROUP DATES: Are you single? Go out with a group of people. Everyone will bring some of their clan so maybe you’ll meet a new girlfriend and a cute guy! 
  • DOUBLE DATES: You and your husband or boyfriend should go on a double date with another couple you’ve met a few times. Maybe you and your husband or boyfriend will both make a new buddy!
  • DINNER PARTY: Host a dinner party. Your close friends will bring their close friends, who will bring theirs and so on. It’ll be a house full of new people to meet!
  • PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE: Sometimes it just takes you to be the one to ask to make plans first. So be your outgoing self and make it happen!

Make New Friends Online 

  • FACEBOOK: Get on Facebook and send a friend request or two to people you’ve met recently and start chatting with them. Once you two have chatted about that fun group outing you went on, set a lunch date up! 
  • EMAIL: We use our emails daily and sometimes it feels more comfortable to say something over email, which is totally okay! Email an acquaintance and set up a coffee date! 
  • MAKE A PROFILE: There are websites that function like dating websites but they are only for searching for platonic relationships. Give it a try! 

Remember, putting yourself out there is the best way to make new friends!

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